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Dr Shira Shasho

EDENT, Shira Shasho DMD

Pacific Beach Cosmetic & General Dentistry

1038 Grand Ave

San Diego, CA 92109

(858) 412-5155

Meet the doc

Shira Shasho, Pacific Beach Dentist possesses an exceptional ability to help her patient feel at ease and understand the treatment she is performing.  She takes a gentle approach, easing any concerns her patient might have by providing valuable patient education.  She is one of the only doctors who will let her patient hold a mirror while she is working in his mouth and takes the time explaining what she is doing and why.  Over the years she learned that when a patient understands the reason for the problem and the treatment being done he is more likely to follow through with his treatment and home care, which is the ultimate sign of success.

Dr Shasho believes in comprehensive approach to dentistry. She evaluates the total oral cavity and starts with making sure the supporting structures of the teeth are healthy. Her motto is “a beautiful smile starts with a healthy mouth”. She prides herself on being a conservative dentist practicing minimally invasive dentistry as much as possible.  On your first visit she will review your medical history, record your blood pressure, assess you overall oral health, obtain full mouth x-rays of your teeth. Take needed pictures of your teeth and gums, assess you teeth health, assess your gum health and formulate a customized treatment plan that best suit your needs based on all the information she gathered during the examination.  She will never let you feel rushed and will answer all your questions.  her goal is to treat all of her patients as she would her own family with the outmost respect and highest level of service.  It is not uncommon for Dr. Shasho to personally call her patients after an extensive or emergency treatment to see how they feel.

Dr. Shasho and her staff, stay on top of her field of comprehsensive and preventative dentistry, so that she can provide the highest level of care for her patients. Keep on Smiling with EDENT!